Free Agent for Extracting Amazon Product Reviews

July 27, 2017
Content Grabber


As many of you already know, Content Grabber includes the ability to create self-contained web scraping agents. These are standalone agents which are packaged with their own Content Grabber runtime. They can run royalty free on most Windows computers without any software or license dependencies.

Below is a link for a free self-contained agent you can download and try out for yourself. This agent extracts product reviews from any Amazon.com product category you choose. You can select all reviews, or only those with a particular customer review star rating.

So if you are an Amazon seller looking for new product opportunities, you could extract just those product reviews with 1, 2 or 3 (out of 5) star ratings and see what customers don’t like about your competitors products. Maybe an opportunity for you to enter the market?

Getting any ideas yet for how to generate some of your own business revenue?

Amazon Product Review Scraper

(Note: agent password is: “Bezos”)


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