About Us

We are a passionate team of software developers, that focus on building software that is capable of bringing data collection to people without coding experience. We believe strongly that with the right tools anything is possible. We have been build web scraping software for over 10 years.

We created ContentGrabber.com to be easy enough for users without coding experience to use. But expandable and flexible enough for advanced users to use. Our web scraping software has been rated #1 by Scraping.pro. There are no mandatory ongoing fees, no monthly payments ( although we do offer that option if that’s what you prefer). Once you purchase it, you own it for LIFE.

We are very proud of ContentGrabber.com, we worked very hard building it. Our team uses ContentGrabber.com internally every day. If you haven’t done so yet, you can download the trial version here.

We created this blog, to teach our current customers and future customers how to use our web scraping tool . To show the world the many ways you can leverage web scraping for your business.  To get our tutorials directly emailed to you, please use the sign-up form in the sidebar. To get an RSS feed please use this link. If you need direct support please contact us here or you can call us directly here 1-866-594-6019. Please note, if you have questions related to building a particular agent. Please use the contact us page. It’s very hard to try and teach web scraping techniques over the phone. Email is much more efficient.

We look forward to teaching you everything about web scraping that we know! We hope to hear from you in the comment sections. Please feel free to share our posts and blog with others! The more interest we see, the more time and effort we will devote to teaching everyone.